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Modern Architecture

PES Features

PAMS Engineering Services offers the comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help you solve any issues you may have.
Want to experience the expertise of PAMS Engineering Services for yourself? Give us a call today and let’s discuss what we can do for you.

Safety and Security of Data

  •  The security - we are having to serve aerospace customers and we are already having extremely secure systems.

  •  Google authenticator/Two Factor for login access for all documents shared with us along with any vital IP we must and will protect

  •  Only verified and encrypted channels for communications such as MS Teams, or Outlook email

  •  We will sign a NDA agreement and any other agreements between PES and Our Customers.

  •  We are having a master server, with one copy on the cloud. 

  •  These both are secure and separate from the entire PAMS network and access is only to the Engineering Services team.


  • 1 Japanese/ German/ Any Language to English translator at PES to ensure no loss of understanding between engineers and even local language person can work with PES team

  • Willingness to deal in JPY/EUR/ INR instead of USD as we are fully focused on Exports

  • Live Dashboard to track live projects and any concerns raised - live


Speed & Reliability

  • 2 Engineers and 1 Supervisor dedicated to each customer's work only initially and always maintaining a max of 1:10 Supervisor to Engineer ratio

  • Using resources from PAMS, knowledge of reading all types of various drawings 


Few More Key Features

  • Live dashboard for quality issues raised and solved – visible for all issues throughout the company

  • Customer specific live status tracker of projects

  • Project based fee model is available while the vanilla options exist as well

  • Our incentives are tied to your success

  • 3 months of complete on site training for our team to fulfill all your needs

  • Ability to depute to your location if needed

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